About Us

Sakshi Handloom – World’s Largest Sambalpuri Handloom Portal.

We started out in 1991 with barely three looms by making our own designs without even having any idea of what would click in the market. It was our intuition, confidence v/s a virgin market untapped and unexplored.

We took the samples from those three looms to the best of retailers in India and could immediately know that we were on the right path. We have never looked back since then.

From the very beginning we knew that Sambalpuri Ikats are world’s finest creations created by the finest artisans that did not get exposure and attention as deserved. We took it as a duty to popularise and make available all connoisseurs of the art of Ikat worldwide. It was a tough challenge but our passion for the art and the confidence of its acceptance made it easy to take up the task..

We at SAKSHI believe that Sambalpuri Ikats are worth every strand of its yarn and nowhere less than any other master piece. We have a dream to popularise this art so much so that everybody would want to possess it for its value appeal and sheer artistry and for everybody to understand its value.

Now with more than 600 looms and a selling network all over the country we wish to go online and cater to individual customers and would seek your patronage and goodwill.